Your Painting

June 7, 2011
Learning a language is something interesting to talk about. Each lesson you learn is a brushstroke that advances your skill. The splotches made when you mess up one day or forget something are smoothed when you study the mistake and fix it. Most of the painting is smooth, but you can see in some places that it was once clumped blots that have been rubbed away to near perfection. Each opportunity that you take to advance your learning a language is a stroke that transports you farther. It adds to the picture, and in the end you can look back and see these brushstroke sweeps running through the landscape, weaving in and out, and creating this beautiful view. The swirls of colors that dance about are the great experiences you’ve had with the language. They contribute to your yearning to learn more, and they add happiness to your experience and knowledge of the language. The painting looks smooth and completed from far away, but up close you can see the dots that make it up. So much work went into coming this far in a language, and it’s only viewable when you look up close because from far away your ease at using that language makes the painting look effortless. And yet, if you decide to leave the painting to rest before you have finished it, you can always come back and start where you stopped, remembering once again all that you once knew. Never forget, learning a language is a life changing experience that changes a person into an artist, and makes him see the beauty, definition, importance, and hard work in things he never thought of before.

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