Dear Parliament Members

May 27, 2011
By Eemaaa SILVER, Male', Other
Eemaaa SILVER, Male', Other
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Okay, it may perhaps appear cheesy to all of you, but sadly I must state that this is the truth. It has been for the past 4 years or so.

Recently it has been familiar to hear adults chatter about how kids of late date, take boyfriends, and that we by no means treat our parents with respect, and that the etiquette our ancestors taught us are leisurely fading away. They oblige to have these matters incorporated whenever school’s have assemblies, or when we have to inscribe an article and so on. Every single one of the events is blamed on the juvenile age group!

But in reality, when people distinguish the greater image, they approach to sturdily deem that the adults play a much superior task in corruption of the upcoming generations. We can draw closer to this conclusion by taking a closer glance at the parliament members. From the graceful, elegant and stunning language they use, down to the times when the speaker has to shriek at them to halt the conflict proves to us that it’s not us with the dilemma, it’s them. It flabbergasts me how the speaker refers to the member as honorable, 60 times in one sentence. Witnessing the piece subsequent to that, and the manner they respond to the terms expressed there just amazes me!

You ought to really be acquainted that the manner you conduct yourself are amusingly impersonated by miniature kids in school. And given that it is generally understood that “children today – are tomorrow’s nation” and since you are in charge of the countries bigger and brighter outlook at present I advise you institute brightening our future starting with your protocol.

I trust that it hasn’t at all times been like this. And I presume neither of us would want to see our dearly loved country besmirched. And for a brighter future, I really anticipate you would edify us how to reside an improved, respective life.

This might appear comical to several of you, but I truly desire that you know how we suffer when you are presently being absolute idiots. And as now we have “hiyaalu faalhu kurumuge miniwan kann“I thought I would share my belief with you. =)

I Hope you would gave a thought to this.

Thank You! ~

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