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May 21, 2011
By Yin20Yang BRONZE, Hurricane, Utah
Yin20Yang BRONZE, Hurricane, Utah
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Writing isn't so much about just putting words on a page, it's about feeling words leave the chasm of your soul to fill up a blank paper. These words are meant to inspire, uplift, encourage and at the very least to entertain. Writing isn't just a hobby, it's a way of life. It is breathing and eating. Writing is passion.
I write because it's an escape from the harsh realities of the world into something I can control. Nevertheless, I write because it is who I am. Words are a part of me. They inspire me to go above and beyond what is casual. I write to be heard, to get my quiet voice across to anyone who can read.
My stories are a part of me, found in the world around me. My stories are what is happening to me externally, and internally. My characters are like my children to me. I guide them in the way they should go, but really they teach me what I need to learn. Every time I start writing, words just spill onto the page. These words are my heart manifesting themselves in characters and plots. These words are my heaven and my home.
If I feel stuck when writing, just as I do when I'm confused in real life, I talk to people. I explain the situation and somehow it always works out. I don't allow myself to stop and think because that blocks my momentum. Writing is a flow that shouldn't be stopped because the author thinks too much. An author is just the medium, turning events into a story. A story that already exists.
Writing comes from experience and never should feel rushed. Author's shouldn't dally around in trying to let the reader in on details that don't matter. Get to the point. The plot is what matters, character development and growth is what creates a great story. Too much dialogue detracts, skip it!
These are just my opinions, but these words come from my heart.

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I rant about things I love.

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