What now?

May 18, 2011
First semester is over well almost ended most kids are now crammed with sessions of there own ,studying for finals. I for one try not to procrastinate at least I tell myself that’ll do my best though it doesn't always work that way. But Hey you can think positive for once in your life. Even though everyday in our life you have teachers constantly giving you homework that you can’t finish because you stress about the grade or are to busy at dance or at soccer practice that when you get home you only have time for dinner and a quick shower. So then the next day at school you’re asking you’re friends for the English homework that is due next period. What I don't get is if your so busy and don’t even have time for homework why not tone it down a bit by maybe not doing to many extra curricular activities that make you stress even more about life and about how you're parents want you to succeed.

Just tell yourself that we aren’t perfect sure some kids are smart but take a second look at them next time in class and look at them from a different perspective. Even though you might think (he or she) is stuck up and annoying you might learn a thing or two from them. I guess what I am trying to say is don’t push yourself to get into a good college though that does count a lot but who are you working so hard for? you're parents? your peers? or yourself? so what to do now that second semester is just around the corner?. I say forget the worries that have built up on you beyond the year, be you the person you want to be , take classes you want to take. The school year isn’t over till June and next semester is next week why not? open up your possibilities because you will never have a second chance at high school and not to mention life.

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