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May 17, 2011
By Dylan_Snyder BRONZE, Evansville, Indiana
Dylan_Snyder BRONZE, Evansville, Indiana
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I believe that anyone in this world can become rich and famous with the least amount of effort. Hollywood loves to greatly exaggerate the most despicable of individuals and give them attention until they crash and burn. Do I honestly care about Charlie Sheen’s cocaine-filled adventures or Octomom’s small army of children? No! Hollywood’s lovable tabloids believe people like me care though and continue peddling their filth in grocery stores to innocent people trying to purchase a harmless bag of Lucky Charms! Do not blame just Hollywood because Americans log on to the Internet daily and throw money at talentless hacks like Rebecca Black every time they watch that satanic Friday video on Youtube. I do not need some auto-tuned little brat telling me the days of the week, but apparently 140,307,421 people in the world need that bit of education! Auto-tuned viral music videos not good enough? Just write a vampire book like most folks nowadays and make millions, thanks to the grand-prophet Stephanie Meyer and her “masterpiece," the perfect book for any individual lacking decent taste in literature. I miss the good old days when Harry Potter, Frodo, and those kids of Narnia were the sole dominators of the modern-day fantasy scene without the sparkling vampires and Indian werewolves bringing them down.

I believe Hollywood, the sole reason these undeserving celebrities receive millions of dollars day after day, must be stopped. Everyone loves to read about a good train wreck in this day of age. Charlie Sheen, Lindsey Lohan, Britney Spears, the list goes on and on. If I did mounds of cocaine and went out into public with a wardrobe malfunction, the police would throw me in jail in a heartbeat for drug abuse and indecent exposure. Where is my heartfelt interview on Good Morning America trying to win the sympathy of the people of America? We as a nation define a celebrity in the most skewed ways nowadays and give fame to people for the most immoral acts. __Teens get pregnant just to receive the chance to get on MTV’s Teen Mom, one of the silliest excuses for a television show ever. What is the world coming to when teens use pregnancy to become famous? MTV loves producing all these television celebrities anyone with common sense do not care about. What exactly is a Snooki in the first place, and will The Situation ever put a shirt on? Jersey Shore, the bane of society, gives a bunch of young “Italians” fame and glory. Jersey Shore ruined my image of the Italian race through fist-pumping and guidos. This I believe.

I believe the Internet is just as guilty as anybody else in this whole rise to fame of undeserving individuals. I, a devout Youtube user, see plenty of whacky individuals going viral every other week with silly two minute clips that get more views than most television shows. Rebecca Black, Double Rainbow guy, Chris Crocker, the list goes on and on, and these people receive more money than most do in a month’s time. Many people actually do make a living making Youtube videos and post content that is not complete garbage, but those people deserve the money and produce high-quality videos. This “E-fame” lacks in comparison to the way Hollywood treats real world celebrities though.

The literary world reeks of filth and corruption, but my beliefs on this topic mainly stem from a deep vendetta against Stephanie Meyer for creating a harsh injustice in the world. Vampires that sparkle will plague my mind until I can drive a stake through Meyer’s heart once and for all. All America needs to do is simply ignore these attention seekers, and they will go away, a simple solution to a major issue in our day of age. Why does America simply sit back and let this filth influence our world and harm our children? We need to take a step back and look at our moral code before we let Hollywood overrun us with these monstrosities to society. This I believe.

The author's comments:
This was an entry I had to submit for a Senior Memory Book project for my Advanced Comp class. Based on the bpook and NPR series, I was to write what I believe in. I could be funny, serious, thoughtful or even sad...whatever it took.

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