Fur or Faux

May 13, 2011
You might think that the fur on your new coat is soft and warm, but have you ever thought about how it got there? That fur used to belong to a real animal, and that animal was cruelly killed. Not to mention it takes 130 to 200 chinchillas or minks to make that coat. That’s a lot of innocent animals that had their lives taken for your comfort.

The animals used for coats aren’t just put to sleep. in order to save money the people that own the fur farms, kill masses of these animals in terrible painful ways. A few of these ways are electrocution, gas like chambers, or even getting stomped on. The animals are kept in small un-sanitary cages with little food and water. Some animals can’t handle the stress and die of self mutations such as chewing off there own paws. The people that “take care” of these animals don’t care about them, and never take them out. The animals live a cruel, abandoned life, and then are brutally killed.

What kind of animals are used for the jackets? Chinchillas, minks, raccoons, foxes, bears, beavers, rabbits, seals, and even cats and dogs. Peta’s recent discovery found that the Chinese dog and cat fur trade kills millions of dogs and cats by getting hanged, bled to death, and even strangled with wire so that their fur can still be used. Hard to believe it’s true? It is, and it’s still happening today.

How can we help save these helpless animals? Easy. If we call buy faux fur coats we can save millions of lives. Faux fur coats are made to be just as warm and soft, and are much cheaper. Buying faux instead or fur can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

How do you feel about that fur coat now? Does is still make sense to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars to have over 100 animals killed? Starting to feel less soft isn’t it.

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