May 12, 2011
By mad4football444 BRONZE, Studio City, California
mad4football444 BRONZE, Studio City, California
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Confidence is what makes the good people better and the great people the best. Confidence is what makes the smart people geniuses. Mankind is born with more gifts than we give credit for. There are more geniuses, more Lincolns, more Bachs, more Einstiens, but most of them let themselves get put down and get more and more rapidly de-geniusized by his or her peers. When I was young, barely even five years old, my mom told me when I started baseball I wouldn’t be able to run that fast because I was smaller, younger and chubbier than the rest of the kids. Well, I told her that I wouldn’t need to run that fast. When I played I’d just hit it out of the park. Then I could walk. All Children tend to think that they can do anything, that they are one in a million. Normal teenagers start to realize how many people there are in the world and start to accept that they’re never going to be special, never going to be the best at anything. Confident ones think that even though there are billions of people in this world they can do, they can be, they can achieve something special. They believe they can change the world. They believe they are special. Those are the people who make a difference. Those are the people who are confident. Confidence is the game changer. No matter how much drive, determination or resilince someone has, it won’t push them to be better without the confidence that they know they can achieve greatness. Nothing brilliant has ever been achieved aside from those who dared to imagine that something inside of them was superior to circumstance. Without confidence Thomas Edison wouldn’t have invented the light bulb, without confidence Henry Ford wouldn’t have invented the car, without confidence Steve Jobbs wouldn’t have invented the mac book. Without confidence no one would dare take a step into the unexplored, undetermined, unfathomed world of creativity that now defines the way we as a human race live. Without confidence no barriers in our world would ever be taken down, but instead more and more would rapidly be created to protect us from what intimidates us. If you believe in yourself, if you believe in your cause, in your morals, and in your drive everyone else will follow in your footsteps. Be confident in who you are, because it’s all you got. We are all on the same unclear journey but we all take our own obscure and foggy paths. Only the confident ones forge through the dusk and make it to the other side. An exceptionally influential man, who changed the world once said, If you really put a small value upon yourself, rest assured that the world will not raise your price. You know who that man Because I am confident I will change the world one day. You should be too.

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