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May 13, 2011
By KimMahyor SILVER, Lemon Grove, California
KimMahyor SILVER, Lemon Grove, California
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You let people treat you the way you let them

There is a point you’re gonna hit. As a person. A point where everything in the world becomes careless. You don’t care much about anything. Not that you’re falling into depression,but that you’re just so concentrated, so focused in what your trying to accomplish that everything becomes unimportant. Useless worthless. The only thing that matters is getting to what you need to achieve. Nothing is more important. To me that one thing is to be writer. Which I already am,but to be known. Not for the fame, but to be an inspiration to people. To share my talent since it is the only talent that I posses. I believe that it is important to share the talent that God has given you with other people. Otherwise God will regret ever giving it to you. I find it most important to express yourself. That writing is the best way. Well, the best way for me. Many people have different ways some get physical, they do sports, they talk to they party, etc. Either way I still believe that in expressing yourself you should include your talent. Such as singers Taylor swift for example puts her feelings emotions, situations into song. She has the talent to sing. She is both expressing herself and using her talent. Look at soccer players. Sometimes if they got mad they play better. There putting there emotions into their talent. I simply want to express that one day you will want to achieve something.Let’s just hope you don’t do something stupid along the way. Express yourself through your talents.

The author's comments:
A thought that entered my head. Hope it helps all of those other amateur writers.

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