Life Is Hard

May 11, 2011
By jennerme BRONZE, Kyle, Texas
jennerme BRONZE, Kyle, Texas
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Life’s hard. You go through your day hoping be on hope that when you get home you’ll be welcome with a warm smile and a loving embrace. Some people don’t get that or at lest not all the time. Some people find that it’s better to run from life, ether with a bottle or with a knife. Some people, these people don’t see the love and warmth around them. They only see the things that make them sad or mad. They don’t see their friends or their family.

These people find that as they look around, they don’t like what they see. They find that if they go to the end of that bottle or the just one more cut, that they stop seeing what they hate. People look on as these people do this and do nothing. They see the pain in the cutters eyes, they see the fear in the drunks, yet they do nothing.

If people just spoke up maybe these people would find some peace. If people would show that they care maybe, just maybe, those people would be lifted from their pain and fear. If everyone cared about those around them if everyone saw the pain and fear, it would be better.

Though you can’t always blame those that can’t see. Sometimes the people hide what they feel, I know I did. And then the people can’t understand why people don’t care, it’s because they can’t see. The people hid and run away from those trying to see. They smile when their sad and smile when their mad, no one can see the pain. To get the pain and fear to go away both sides must be willing.

Life’s hard. Some try to run. Some try to hide. Some try to go through with no emotion witch is almost as bad as running. Some try to live life to the fullest. Some people just give up. I know people who have given up. I’ve seen the way they live, if you can call it living. That person did nothing. That person sat and played games. That person never tried to go out. That person was close to me. It was hard seeing that person like that and when ever I tried to help I was pushed away. Both sides must be willing.

Willing to listen, willing to talk, and willing to get more help. They must try and yet trying is so hard. You get sucked into this darkness that doesn’t want you to leave. The darkness is like one of those monkey traps with the thing in side and you no being able to get out because you’re still holding on to the thing. The darkness doesn’t care if you’re on the edge of life, the darkness doesn’t care about you feeling happy, it does care if you loss your self. The hardest thing about coming back to happiness is losing that darkness.

The darkness sticks with you, it’s every where you go. It’s with you when your friends are not there to help you. The darkness is what should be feared be those that help. It should be feared because no matter what you do the darkness is always there. Waiting to come up and pull you back down into the deep dark despair that it lives in.

But all hope not lost. There is a way to bet this darkness. Live, laugh, love. Live your life in away that always keeps you laughing. Laugh because it’s good for you, and helps others love you. Love you neighbors and they will love you. Love is what keeps you living; it’s what keeps you laughing. But you can’t have love with out life.

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