May 9, 2011
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Vegetarian, defined is a person who does not eat meat, and sometimes other animal

products. Vegetarianism has taken a soar in popularity in the last couple of years. considered it to be the sixth most compelling trend of 2010. This rise in

popularity has come from people not wanting to consume as much weight due to health

reasons, or environmental concerns.

I became a vegetarian in June of 2010. My choice to become a vegetarian was not

due to health reasons, or “going with the flow.” I chose to become a vegetarian because of

my personal environmental concerns of the world. The way animals are treated and

slaughtered is awful and uncalled for. There is absolutely no reason to be torturous and

cruel just to receive the meat that this world is consuming rapidly. Although the Bible does

state in Genesis 9:3, “Every moving thing that lives shall be food for you. And as I gave you

the green plants, I give you everything,” I still do not agree with the ways that the slaughter

houses have come to to perform mass killings. The need for meat is extremely high, and

the logical way to meet those standards is to kill as fast as possible. The killing should not

be done as it is, it should be considered animal cruelty. In 2008, 287 chickens were killed

per second, 3.68 pigs per second, and 1.12 cows per second. The animals are kept in awful

living conditions, are so overfed that they can barely stay standing, brutally beaten, and

killed in such cruel ways that I cannot even say them in this essay. All of this animal

cruelty, just for one delicious meal. How do you feel about eating something that went

through suffering just for a tasty meal for you to enjoy. I did not agree with an animal

suffering for me to later eat, so that is why I became a vegetarian. I have not eaten meat

since my decision in June of 2010, and it has taken determination and great will power.

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