Success or Happiness?

May 9, 2011
By Kirsty Fraser BRONZE, Prishtina, Delaware
Kirsty Fraser BRONZE, Prishtina, Delaware
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Success or happiness? If you were given exactly 10 seconds to choose between them, which would it be? Oh, just come on, say it. We are all really eager to know. Even he wants to know. Who? Oh, the one that sits upon that mountain of gold over there. Yes, him. The ignorant one that turns his nose up at all us normal folk. The stupid one who thinks that he is the happiest man alive. Ha, that is the funniest thing that I have heard had for the past minute. That monster, oh wait sorry, that man couldn’t be more wrong. Do you think that he even understands what happiness is? Has he ever felt it before? Well, he seems to think he has. He may be wrong and he may be stupid but he is a good liar, I’ll give him that. He may be successful but he is definitely not happy. But do you think he actually enjoys his life up there or is it all just for show? Doesn’t it get chilly sitting there on his huge mountain of dazzling coins? He is pretty high up remember. Oh wait, stupid me… he wouldn’t feel the cold anyway. He is cold-hearted after all. But sometimes I catch myself feeling sorry for that poor man when I’m sitting at the dinner table with my family, knowing that he will be sitting upon his mountain of gold, alone, and counting coin after coin. It’s quite funny actually because whenever I pass his mountain of gold, he always looks at me with deep pity in his eyes as if he feels sorry for me! Fancy that! A man with no family, no friends, no nothing, just his precious little coins that he sits and counts day in and day out, feeling sorry for me?! I just get can’t my head around it! And he thinks he’s happy? He may have the most money in the world but that certainly doesn’t make him the most happiest. The dazzle of the coins must blind him and make him believe that he is living in a perfect paradise when he actually is living in a place that is as tormenting as hell. Money might as well be called a drug to him because he wouldn’t survive a day without it. It keeps him alive. It keeps the blood pumping through his veins. He lives for it. The true man behind that lonely face is long gone and now is replaced by a raging monster that can never be satisfied. His hunger is never filled. He always wants more and more and he will never give up until he gets exactly what he wants. But what does he want? Happiness? Ha, nowhere near. His life is the exact opposite. Because you see, money may buy you success and lots of other things in life, but one thing that it definitely won’t buy is happiness. Now, let’s get back to my question. Success or happiness? Which will it be?

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