Violence Essay

May 6, 2011
By Anonymous

No one is safe from the effects of violence. Everyone has bullied or been bullied before. Bullying can get violent and may lead to injury or death. Most people are subject to violence. It can happen to anyone and it is a growing issue in the U.S.A and also the world. Violence is like a big black shadow following you, watching you’re every move. You can’t run from violence, can’t hide from violence it is there.

There are people in this world who want to hurt people for not being like they are. The Al Qaeda, Nazis, the K.K.K, they have one goal and that is to eliminate anyone who is not like them. Even regular people, not in gangs, are discriminating their neighbors or co-workers and etc. Skin color and religion are the main types of discrimination. If you judge someone for being black or being Jewish, that doesn’t make much sense. You are no better then them. No smarter, no stronger no better-looking they are no different then you so accept it.

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