being a teenager

May 5, 2011
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Firstly, you start to reckon the world from different “eyes”.

You think that whatever damn work you do; big or small, is always right.

There is a rule which stands ¬-“I can never be wrong.”

5 lies a day. Yup! Lies are a part and parcel of your life. It doesn’t signal that you are a big “liar” or something. It’s just that the truth reaps out more scolding than the lie!

You talk to yourself a lot..Some people state you as crazy. But, I assure, you are not!

Slangs are toh roj ka kaam… but am admonishing u to stop dat because it doesn’t behoove our culture. (I know u might hv muttered one to me for this)
The Outlook:

The kind of clothes you wear matter a lot. They ought to be trendy and should, pleaze, justify the ongoing “Fashion”.

You are conscious about how you look. Possibly, you might not want to impress someone in particular but, you just want to be the cynosure.

You have at least 3 running ambitions for your career in mind. You wanna be a Doctor…No baba, who’s going to study this much? Model…Maybe , Fashion designer. Good option!

You are deadly concerned about your reputation, because, things happening around you are always threatening “it”.


If you had been stuck in an antiquated homemade deal for clothes all your childhood, you tend to run away from it. Now, you call for readymade attire.

Parents are always wrong. They don’t seem to understand the simplest of your troubles. Yaar, your needs and interests are different from them! Samjha karo…But, the only thing they do is, to nag you on your step.

You narrate an incident to your parents but they somehow find your fault in that, And so gradually the idea of sharing, dwindles down in your mind.

Reading a novel or a magazine by covering it within your Science book, is what you do, in the study hours. Misleading your parents..?


Teachers are “HITLERS”. They scold you for any good reason. We are kids. We are likely to have some fun. Give us a break, puh-lease.

Sleeping in the classrooms? Common.
Bunking lectures. You obviously can’t put up that 40-mins period at one go.

You start liking the school. Don’t get me wrong. I know, not for studying, but for enjoying with your peers.

Holidays; Vacations –are bullshit!
It turns out to be mundane after a few days, unless you get a “good company” out there, for chilling.
Note: You know what a “good company” means here. Right ?

You have at least once replicated your parent’s signature in a notice pronouncing that your work is incomplete or some stuff like that.
And Wait! You even replicated the principal’s sign in an application..Remember?

You carry a wallet every day; provided that your school is having a classic canteen.

Friends nd Love :

Friends are forever. That’s what you think. They can never swindle on you and they are among the coolest people in the world, you have ever met…

You feel good when you see most of your friends facing the same problems as you are. The tuning sets great at that time. Believe me!

You have at least 2 crushes and 1 break-up. This statement doesn’t change, even, for the most simplest gal or guy out there.

The most pleasurable day in your life is when you are chilling out with friends in a movie by befooling your mother saying that your friend is celebrating his/her birthday at home.(She catches the lie, I know.)

‘You get regulated easily by your friends.’ You might have heard this sundry time from your parents. Sadly, this is true!


“Relatives”. The big word. The problem starts when u don’t know what to speak to them and when they ask questions, you just artificially smile and reply something terse.

You tend to commingle better with cousins, partially because they are of your age.

And all this crafts and formalities bcoz You have turned into callous beings..hain na?

You are stuck to the internet for a minimal of 1 hr a day. And, not for surfing something on Google, you are just busy updating your status in some social networking site.

Mobiles, laptops, PC’s are the most zaruri aspects in your life. They grab most of the “productive” time in your day. Note: The word “productive” only for the adult readers and not the teenagers.

You turn out writing internet language such as –“dat” for that , in your schul (Oops ,sorry!) essays…

Life otherwise:

Getting caught by a traffic policeman for driving without license or riding triple?… (boring, next point pls!)

You have changed your signature numerous times. Every time you look at your new signature, you think that is the best. Ironically it worsens with time.

Seldomely , thoda peena-sheena hota rehta hai..?..Bad!

To find a trustful person in this selfish world, especially at this age where you have hundreds of things going on in your mind, to share, is very difficult. If you have found that “one”, you are the luckiest!

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