School Violence Must Be Prevented

May 2, 2011
By Anonymous

Think of the song Alyssa Lies by Jason Michael Carroll "Alyssa doesn't lies to the teachers . . . Alyssa lies with Jesus, . . .". This song is about child abuse. Most children who are abused are abused by their families, so shouldn't kids be protected even if it means taking them away from their parents? where is the safest place for abused kids to go when they are in an abusive family? You would think school would be, because they are all about the students' safety and a great learning environment. Well, because of all the violence in schools, they aren't the safest place. Wouldn't parents like to know if their kids' schools are safe or not? The schools are supposed to turn in a report at the end of the year to show the government if the school is safe. Sadly, not all the schools are giving the correct records of fights in their school, so it is hard to know which ones are safe and which ones are dangerous for the kids.

Up to 93% of schools aren't showing the true records in 15 different school districts and 10 out of 17 schools had incidences with a weapon being used or possessed. At Albany High School 144 out of 924 incidences were reported. That means 84% of the incidences were not reported including 106 harassment, menacing, and/or bullying, 14 burglaries, 2 sexual offences and 1 bomb threat (Hevesi). This is a lot of serious problems that haven't been reported. They should send in a government official for a month to each school to file the paperwork correctly for that amount of time so that the parents can at least of general jest of what is happening in the school they are sending their kids to.

The schools don't want to give reports because they could lose students, thus losing money for their schools, and the schools that do turn in the real reports, they get punished. They are labeled as a bad school, because they have to base it off of the reports that are turned in and then averaging the numbers out, and because some schools are not turning in reports that are correct the ones who do look like bad schools because they are below average. Schools that aren't really that horrible of schools look damaging because they have real reports, and comparing to the false reports from other schools their reports look ruinous. This is why they should have government officials come in. Though this might not be the most accurate program, at least it's better than the children going to a horrible school, and the parents thinking it's the best school in the district.

Reported in the Tribune, an East Peoria school wasn't informed that a convicted 16 -year-old sex offender had enrolled in their school. They found out when a 7-year-old victim's teen brother told his mom that his brother's assailant was in his gym class. The mother had to call the school to tell them that there was a sex offender in there. Isn't this something the schools should know, and try to keep away from the other innocent kids? This would be scary to see your 7-year-old brother's assailant sitting in your gym class. This is why schools need to up the security and be more protective of their students.

The author's comments:
I have to submit this. It was a grade.

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