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May 1, 2011
By keri92 BRONZE, Luling, Louisiana
keri92 BRONZE, Luling, Louisiana
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John C. Maxwell once said, “Leadership is influence.” Therefore, everyone in some way shape or form is a leader because everyone at one time in their life influences the life of another. A person can influence the life of another in the simplest way and many times without even knowing the impact they have had on someone’s life. For example, a homeless person with a smile on their face could impact someone to appreciate what they have and never let the small things bring them down. Further, there are many other ways to be a leader. Leaders come in all shapes and sizes and lead in different ways. Leaders can lead by word of mouth or even by their actions. People can be leaders of their school by being on student council and involved in clubs and honor societies. Not only is it important to be leaders among school life, but it is extremely important to be a leader among one’s peers. Today, teens face many peer pressures in their daily lives. Teens need to be leaders among their friends even if it is just by their example. Teens need to be leaders in their everyday lives by just standing up for what is right and being someone other’s can look up to. Therefore, not just the President of the United States is a leader, but everyone can be a leader to someone in some way.

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