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April 18, 2011
By -Quil SILVER, Deckerville, Michigan
-Quil SILVER, Deckerville, Michigan
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We allow makeup and mismatch fashion, cosmetic surgery and 3-D implants for enhancing; and yet society is against body art and piercings. How a septum piercing also known as a bullring (ring or bar through the center of the nose, between the nostrils) can be considered offensive when a person can have their entire face reconstructed just out of a mere want more than a medical lifesaver. To alter the body for the name of “Art” and “Individuality” is frowned upon when botox and injections for “Beauty” is okay.

The latest generations is soon to be permitted into today’s work force and politics. They are more decorated with body art and jewelry than any other in the past decade and their parents let them. Whether it’s a want to be just like an idol, a family member, or even a parent; society can’t help but have to allow the newest modifications into the more public world than it ever has. Yes, they can be removed or replaced with a retainer (pieces of clear plastic to replace metal jewelry), sometimes even covered with a gaudy bandaid for visible piercings but what about visible body ink? Heavy make up can not cover everything nor can the common remedy; long sleeves, turtle necks, and pants.

To hire someone with a type of body modification such as breast implants or a nose job to improve looks is accepted but to have lets say a subdermal implant (a shape implanted under the skin such as spikes, rings, or any preferred shape) is received with a negative look. What’s the difference? Both forms require objects to be placed internally and be viewed as beauty. In views of society, cosmetic surgery is for the rich and famous but body art and piercings are for the rebellious, criminals, drug users and people who are viewed as bad influences and immature. Those who are interested in such activities are accused of being on the wrong path in life that will only lead downhill into something worse yet.

Teens are allowed to have piercings besides their ears from the ages of 13 to 16 with parental consent, 17 and older are permitted to make their own decisions for what decorates their body. Anyone who has a marking on their bodies for a purpose is considered unnatural, rebellious, immature, freakish, experimental, and mentally ill according to a poll taking in the 1900’s; only 20% was viewed as artistic, normal, or stylish for the new century.

Even the most common of heroes in everyday life have some sort of marking on them whether it’s a doctor, policemen, firemen, lawyers, or even a pastor/preacher. They can even tell you that with Christianity, in the Old Testament, according to Leviticus 19:28 God said, "Do not cut your bodies for the dead or put tattoo marks on yourselves. I am the Lord". Without any need to dissect this statement, even the leaders of our local churches mark themselves with the Lord’s versus, religious symbols, and memorials for their loss without a second thought to the wrath they may receive.
These men and women who have such an occupation lead a rich and successful live without such negativity; they are permitted to carry on as any other good samaritan and give back to their fellow people all they have in their days work. They can go on without any sort of harassment as any other person with visible modifications could not. There isn’t a single public place or occupation without a handful of people with modifications passing by. Whether it is a “rebellious” teenager or an “immature” adult holding onto their rights to be an individual before melting into another work day, society soon will have to permit nearly everything there is to body modifications. There is yet to come the next generation and with them will be new ways of “beauty” and “art” to be discovered or invented.

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I'll add more as I go, this article may be placed in pieces or will be added into this one. Either way, this new form of segregation needs to be brought to light.

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