him, me, us, them, friends.

April 18, 2011
By JustBeingAbbz SILVER, Harrod, Ohio
JustBeingAbbz SILVER, Harrod, Ohio
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life isn't fair. it may sound like I'm a spoiled little brat that doesn't care about anything but herself, but I'm not. my life just isn't fair. ya i got family, and i got my friends, but really what does it come down to in the end? they say they love you, but they don't mean it. well, your family probably does, but when it comes down to friends, no one knows. they have their boyfriends or their girlfriends and they love them and yada yada yada. if they had the choice between their "love" and you, who would they choose? that's right, the stupid boy/girl. then they will have no friends and when they break up they will have no one. you will be mad because your so-called-friend dumped you on the side of the road like garbage. and the family will probably be mad because they life of their child was consumed with a person who broke their heart.

now I'm not saying its happened to me, because it hasn't. i love my friends, and i mean it.

but I'm not always sure they love me. i am being so serious. you get that "third wheel" feeling everywhere you go! even when they aren't dating and its just three friends! they pay no attention to you! at all! you get pretty ticked and don't talk and they ask whats wrong. you tell them and deny it. then you have to hang out again and this time your sad because of it and then they ask whats wrong and blah blah blah. then you like the guy and they end up dating behind your back.

now I'm not saying I've ever done that, because i haven't. but its happened to me. and then all you have left is a thousand pieces of heart. it really sucks. it does. to love without love. to hate without hate. to hurt while being hurt. its life. and you see why life isn't fair.well, at least mine isn't. things aren't looking so good right now. in falling in love.its sad because i know he doesn't love me.i know he couldn't love me. i don't know how he could. i mean look at me. I'm alone in the world full of people.but all i can thing about is him, me, us, them, friends.well i am running out of room so comment if you want to hear more. i can do that for you.

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it always happens

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