Church Music

April 17, 2011
These days there are many kinds of music in churchs. In some there are the classical hymns yet in others drums are played. Then there are some churchs that stand up at clap in there songs.

In my church we sing the traditional hymns from the hymnal. Well that is just fine with me while I am at church, but when I am not in church I don't like listening to the slow hymns with complex meanings and little beat that I can tap my foot to. So I did some research and found these christian songs that I enjoy listening to:
1.Hold Me by Jamie Grace (featuring Toby Mac)
2. Jesus Freak by DC Talk
3. Here I am to Worship by Tim Hughes
4.I Can Only Imagine by MercyMe
5. Give Me Your Eyes by Brandon Heath
6.Safe by Phil Wickham
7. Wait and See by Brandon Heath
8. City on our Knees by Toby Mac
9. Get Back Up by Toby Mac
10. Long Black Train by Josh Turner

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