Lying is Unhealthy

April 16, 2011
By Kataline BRONZE, San Marcos, Texas
Kataline BRONZE, San Marcos, Texas
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Who are you to judge me? I am not perfect and I don't claim to be, but before you start pointing fingers make sure your own hands are clean.

When I was young and lived in a different state, I had always told the truth. I was raised to know that lying is wrong, a sin, and that the lier shall be thrust down to hell. Upon my move to the state in which I live now, I found myself caught up in a huge mess.

I thought moving would be a new way to recreate myself, and to be "popular." I started with my pets, which seems small, but after that, all my "truths" began to stretch. I would create monstrous stories that were all based off of truths, but were not really so.

Then I went on with my relationships. I would tell my friends that I was going out with a certain person, but that they couldn't tell anyone because then my parents would find out. When in reality, it was just my fantasy I was telling them.

When I did have an actual boyfriend, I told them, and the first really was limited to who I could tell. In the end, my parents ended up finding out anyways, but they didn't care. So when I made up another boyfriend, I had to cover for why I couldn't tell anyone about this one.

Basically, everything started with small truths that were stretched, and then into a big lying mess that is just my fantasy. Hopefully I am moving out of state in a few months, and I say hopefully because i've dug myself into a hole so deep with all of these lies.

Lying is unhealthy. Lying becomes a habit. White lies turn into stretched out stories, and you never know if someone really believes you or not, but you have to hope they do. You end up worrying that certain people won't meet other certain people, because you would then get caught in a lie.

Because I have lied so much, i'm afraid some people can't trust me. Now I actually have to worry about what people say about me behind my back, because now I always worry about if they caught my lie. Lying just digs a hole that gets deeper and deeper as it goes.

Lying gets you nowhere.

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