A Compilation of Broken Thoughts

April 2, 2011
By darkpurple96 BRONZE, Nettleton, Mississippi
darkpurple96 BRONZE, Nettleton, Mississippi
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When you take life by hand, you need to know what your doing with your life.

too many people dwell on the past. If they let the past overtake them, then they see no point in the future. These people still live, torturing themselves with the past. What they don't understand is the past makes you who you are today, and you can't escape yourself. Every man is capable of good and evil. The path is his and his perception of the path is of the utmost importance. Even Hitler thought that he was doing the right thing.

Memories, however, provide a link to the past. Most people think of bad things, when the key of happiness is knowing that it can only get better. In life you can love many people, not just one. For every one person, there are hundreds of people with the potential of love. But there is alwys the one - the one that got away, the one you wished you had...,the one,the only, the one from yesterday. this is the kind of person that, no matter what, you still love her. You can never forget her touch, her kiss, her love.

LIfe is full of mystery, you never know what lies ahead. Man strives fro the future, but mankind dwells on the past. We make choices, simple yet complex. They shape our days, our monthes, our lives. The simplest things may multiply into infinite scenarios. Either follow a trail or follow a star. Let's try to follow our hearts.

Forgiveness is the best medicine, but Love is the cure.

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