April 4, 2011
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Every day, it’s the same. You enter the school, and you always see the social groups. There are the preps, the emos, the addicts, the jocks, the nerds, and mentally challenged. According to most, the jocks are at the top, and the mentally challenged are at the bottom of the social pyramid. You are caste into this pyramid from the beginning. It doesn’t matter what you do, you will always be labeled. You can only go down, you can’t go up. A jock can turn into an addict, but a nerd can never be a prep.

In this way, control is established. The blessed ones, the jocks and the preps, lead a charmed life. Sure the jocks may not have good grades, but they get by on sport scholarships. They have everything handed to them because of physical ability. The preps are a little different. They simply smile, nod their head, and get what they want. A charmed life.

The emos and the addicts are in the middle of the pyramid, with the emos being above the addicts. They are the ones who’ll probably never make anything of their life. They’ll squander it, giving away everything they make to get the next hit. It’s a cursed life.

On the bottom, are the nerds and the mentally challenged. The nerds have the toughest challenge. There are two sub-categories of nerds. There are the smart nerds, and the dumb nerds. The smart are above the dumb, purely because of mental might. Every day, the smart nerds are used to help the lazy and worthless scrape out a few good grades. Some help by choice, but most by force. The dumb nerds are used as toys, a portable dummy that higher castes can make fun of. It is hell, but luckily for the smart ones, they have the brains to have a better future than all of the other higher castes.

The mentally challenged lead the easiest life. Nothing is expected of them, so they are unable to disappoint others. They get grades handed to them, and opportunities as well. They will never be great intellects, but they still get by happily at their future dead-end job. Innocence, it’s what they have, and we want.

What I call for is a revolution. We need to break out of these castes, and live as equals. Why must people hate each other? Ignorance is bliss, so why can’t we forgive and forget the mistakes of others? Why can’t everyone just get along and get through this hell we call life together? O’Mera would call it synergy, I call it common sense. When a man who had always served and always prayed arrived in Heaven, Jesus asked, “Who did you bring with you?” Even if you life the ultimate life, you will still die alone if you can’t forgive the differences of others.

So come on, let’s stop the hating.

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WRIT3R4LIF3 said...
Apr. 23, 2011 at 12:19 am

Okay, what I got stuck on is the fact that the addicts and emos will make nothing out of their lives. that is anything but true. You'd be dang surprised about whos really emo and an addict. They are people going through a rough time in life and, though they might deny it, they need help.

Keep strong, smile 'cause you're amazing, and never let anyone bring you down.

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