Bullying in Schools

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Every day kids in schools are left out, beaten, treated unfairly, and made fun of. Bullies are people who are just trying to lower other people’s self esteem to heighten theirs. Bullies get just so carried away with bullying they don’t know the damage they are causing. Bullies are leading kids to change in their personality and loneliness some kids have even committed suicide because the bullying was so serious! I have been bullied a few times and I know other people that were bullied a few times.
When kids commit suicide because of bullying, it becomes a serious issue. Especially when we had professional group come to school to help prevent bullying. These people told us that that this girl was teased, made fun of, and bullies vandalized her house. She couldn’t take it any more and she committed suicide. She was not the only one. The victims kill themselves because other people are ruining their lives every day of their lives.

Also bullying does cause loneliness. When somebody bullies another kid it makes victims feel bad about themselves. They don’t feel like talking, are depressed, become shy, and more. If you see somebody that has been shy lonely or upset, go talk to them ask them why they are sad. Try and cheer them up.

Any of us can help victims when they are bullied. If you witness someone becoming bullied stick up for them and get an adult. Therefore I am here to speak up for me and everyone else to stop bullying and make public and private schools a better place.

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fghbfggf said...
May 10, 2011 at 8:25 am
yeah buddy
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