What is a Team?

March 30, 2011
TEAM: Team is just like your second family. If your teammate is in need, you help them just as if your family member is in need. To me my teammates are like the sisters that I never had. We should and will try not to let our teammates down just like we will not let our family members down.

Cocky and confident are two totally different concepts. If you are cocky you think that you are all that. You act that you are the best on the team. In my opinion it is impossible to be the best on the team because everyone has their role on the team. Even if you sit on the bench you are very important morale booster.

One the other hand, confident is when you believe that you can do anything that you want. When you are confident, especially in basketball, you may drive to the basket or maybe take the ball down the court. You may be nervous but since you are confident you are the one who was courageous enough to do it.

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