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March 28, 2011
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“Despite everything, I believe that people are really good at heart.” This was said by a young victim of the Holocaust named Anne Frank, who died so young and still had a whole life ahead of her. Anne Frank had the right to feel vengeful and be angry and show hatred to those who were responsible for her death, but instead she shows a great sense of compassion, and empathy towards them. Just like Anne Frank, I too believe that all humans are good at heart, even if they still show hatred and enmity, the good is still and always within them.

There are endless amounts of reasons and motives to why humans act the way they do; whether it is selfishly or unselfishly and ethically or unethically. One factor that can motivate someone to become corrupt and selfish is money, greed and even power. We see an over whelming high number officials, politicians, and people of higher authority run for office as unselfish and chivalrous members of society. But with the passing of time, these once trusted officials become hungry for power and money. This doesn’t mean they are bad at heart and are bad people, it just means they’ve made some mistakes, but it does also show us how a thing like money and greed can corrupt so many people. Bernie Madoff is probably the best example of this. Bernie, who possible was and still is a good person at heart, ruined hundreds of families lives because his greed and obsession for money over took his ethical judgment. Bernie Madoff was trusted by people to invest money in stocks and give financial advice, but instead he stole a lot of the money he was supposed to invest with and gave bad advice to them, which made the situation even worse. Bernie made many bad decisions, but deep down in his heart, he obtains the same goodness that everybody else does.

Many people become motivated to do well for society as well as act ethically and unselfishly. Although there are countless corrupt people in society, there are still numerous amounts of citizens who go out of their way to make each other’s lives better each and everyday. Were ever we go we always witness and act of unselfishness, whether we see volunteer groups feeding and helping the less fortunate or the kid stranger, who although has to catch the train, still holds the door open for the elderly old woman, these acts show us the good in peoples hearts. When you stand back for a moment and take it all in, you really can witness the good in people and see that people are good at heart. I feel that people are motivated to do ethical and unselfish acts when they witness acts of kindness and unselfishness in person, they think to themselves and feel like they can make a difference as well. Acts of generosity and unselfishness can feel like a “high” of life that makes many people crave more and want to be a better person then they are. This even further proves Anne Frank point that she was trying to make, “that people are really good at heart.”

There are with out doubt, common tendencies to all people, at all different times, all over the world. From the very beginning of time we see corruptness in emperors and political officials in Ancient Rome and Greece. We see wars being fought in every single century and over different things every time; things such as territory, money, religion and woman. Fast forward to today’s society and we still encounter wars over very similar things, except the death totals are greater now because of advanced and enhanced fighting technologies. On the flip side, we see through out the course of time numerous amounts of people who are ethical and unselfish, figures such as Mother Theresa and Martin Luther King Jr. No matter the time, the past or future, there will be fighting, wars, people that become corrupt, but there will also be the good in society; with people who volunteer and make the lives of people around them better. These events over the course of time show and prove to us that people are good natures, and have good hearts.

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