Boycot Work

March 28, 2011
By Anonymous

I believe this non ceasing work that we are all required to do, should be abandoned. It is boring and tedious. No one likes doing it. I think we rather hang out with friends, ski on the mountain, or play competitive sports. Without work we could do this stuff. Without work people wouldn’t have to worry about paying bills and buying supplies for their family.

Just imagine, A world where we all do what we want to do. No worry no pain, no pressure. No tax collector, no sales person, no engineers, no police, no doctor... wait, without doctors wouldn’t be able to help people who are sick. Without police, gangs will rule the streets. The world would be the least safe place.

There would be the shortage of supplies that everyone needs to survive. No food to eat. Shelter will be be few. Water won’t be safe to drink. We have to find a way to get these objects. But, that will involve work. This memoir was suppose to be about how great it would be not to work.

I think that we all need to work so that the world goes round. If one person doesn’t work then he doesn’t get the reward of eating and enjoying everyday things. Sure, they’re some people that might get a lucky brake but, it’s only a brake. Those people are just going to have to wake up and get on with life. Everyone needs to work to help the other man.

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