March 17, 2011
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"CLIMB " -- An ordinary word with some extraordinary meaning. Understood differently by different people. Some of you might take it on a lighter note where as some of you might have understood much better than me.

Life is a climb and we all are very much aware that it is a very,very difficult road to be on. In fact it needs a lot of courage and will power to fight the never-ending obstacles of life.
How to climb the adventurous stairs of life then? Its easy and very simple. What we need to do is to start dreaming.

DREAM! A very significant word with a lot of significance. Many of us have often said,and may say again" Dream if you have the courage to pursue them". But i say DREAM, what if you can't achieve them,at least you'll end up trying.
Dream,dream big! We all know we all have the ability and the potential and we are no less than any one else.Your dream is yours no one can take it away.

Another important capsule that helps to climb upstairs in life is to Start Now.

START NOW! why to procrastinate? Do we ever postpone meetings with our friends or about watching our favorite TV programs. Not really,then why to procrastinate the steps to success of our life. Make it a point that we all start not tomorrow not today but now. As it is being said 2012 is the end of the world so lets start before we all die. Do not waste any of your precious time . There is a lot of work to be done.Don't forget time has wings and you need to fly with it.Take a pause, work out a plan, organize it and then start . You'll achieve your goal for sure.

SELF BELIEF! The most important quality that we lack today. Believe in yourself,believe in what you have ,in who you are. There will never be anyone who can take or stand in your place. So come on don't worry, don't compromise with yourself , your values ,your feelings and your beliefs. Look yourself in the mirror you lack nothing . Appreciate what you have and don't get stressful by seeing your peers doing well,or by what people think/say about you or from the ever staring eyes of the society.Do what you think is right and what you really want.Voice your desires.What you belief is what matters and counts.As Nick Jonas once said" It doesn't matter if the world is pulling you don't with Christ you have every thing.

so why to worry. Lets DREAM,START NOW AND BELIEVE in our capabilities because we all know God will always stand with us holding our hands tight so that we might not fall. The almighty Lord will always be with us what ever may happen.Hope this will help in molding everyone's life in the direction we all want it to be.
Ending with my favorite line from Hannah Montana -the movie


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