Gay, Lesbian and Bi-Sexual. OK or Not OK?

March 26, 2011
Did you know that 10% of the male population is Gay? or that roughly 4% of the female population is lesbian?
Doesn't seem like a whole lot right? BUT the worlds population consist of roughly 6,775,235,741. That's a lot. Guessing that half are men and half are women, there are approximately, 338,761,787 gay men in the world and 135,504,715 gay women in the world, that's a lot of people. People that are tortured daily by straight men and women, people like me, and it truly, truly disappoints me that people that are similar to me act like this. Why are we even trying to butt in?! We have everything we need, we can get married and in most states in the US, LGBT people CAN'T. In several different countries you can be KILLED for being gay, like in Mauritania, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Iran, Somalia, parts of Nigeria and parts of Malaysia (talk about staying in the closet).
Honestly I think it's stupid the way we treat Gay people here in America. In school most are bullied, abused and sent death threats, Adults are refused jobs because of their sexual orientation. Honestly America? I thought we were done with this, sexual discrimination is just as bad as racial or age discrimination. Businesses close because of being racially prejudice, teachers are fired for racial discrimination.
I just don't understand how a nation that is posing as civilized country is acting so barbaric toward a group of people.
What if your son played basketball and all the football players beat him up for not playing football, You, as a parent, would be concerned, you'd be angry, you'd fight for discipline. You'd also probably get it. You'd never disown your son for playing basketball would you? Then why are so many parents and schools ignoring bulling toward gay kids? And way are so many parents kicking their kids out because of their sexual orientation? It's wrong.
Also, ask yourself this question, "When did I become straight?" obviously you didn't become 'straight' you were always 'straight', so don't ask a gay person, 'well, when did you become gay?', because most likely they have always been gay and they just have never been comfortable with it. Also don't assume that they can change the fact that they are gay, can you change the fact you're white? no. Can you change the fact you're American? no. You can't change who you are and neither can they.
And I really didn't want to bring religion into this but I feel like I somewhat have to. What does the bible say will get you into heaven, "believe that Jesus Christ is your Savior". Right? Yet so many people think that LGBT people are going to burn in Hell. Honestly if a gay person believes Jesus Christ to be their Savior and they die, I firmly believe they will go to heaven. And I know the bible says things against Gay people but it also condemns Murder and Adultery but in our community it happens everyday.
So I hope you take away from this article a new outlook on the gay community. Thanks -XxMsSunShinexX

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Brittbyheart said...
Oct. 21, 2013 at 12:26 pm
*Stands up and claps* Well done! You did an amazing piece of work here, my friend! I am lesbian, and personaly (after three years of being out) I still get scared when I tell people I am lesbian. I believe VERY strongly that so many people are against the LGBTQ community because of religion. I respect you for standing up for me, and all other out there who don't have a voice. Thank you and keep up the awesome work!
theatregirl This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
Jan. 27, 2013 at 8:36 pm
You made a good argument and I felt like without being totally crazy and ranting, you made a good short argument for gay. While this could be expanded on, for example you could mention a list of famous gay people or a statistic show how the homosexual population is helpful, this is really good.
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