What is Beauty?

March 25, 2011
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What is the epitome of beauty? Flipping through the T.V, I heard the MC announce, “Miss Universe 2010 is Miss Mexico!” Miss Universe is the biggest event for judging beauty. The show is 58 years old and highly popular amongst all age groups. Women from all over the world come together to wear pretty dresses, swimsuits, high heels, and answer a sequence of questions under the pressure of 600 million viewers. When Miss Universe is officially crowned with the title, she is also known as a true beauty. I mean with such a huge spectrum of ethnicity, culture, height, skin color, how can you narrow 83 women into 1 beauty?

The term beauty is an endearing complement. It’s beautiful to have a carrying heart, morals of what is right and wrong, manners, and elegance. You can really sense who is beautiful when you look at a place crowded with other girls. It’s like a magnet that attracts you to them, it’s not only their looks but the way they act and portray themselves. Something compared to Miss America winners who have the personality, they represent their country they have the genuine personality that makes them different from just a pretty face. Overall beauty is defined as an individual’s genuine personality. It’s not tangible and can’t be bought it’s the way they act in society, how they hold a conversation, the way they connect with others, what they believe that makes a person a true beauty.

The opposite of beauty is aesthetics. In society today we seem to intertwine beauty and aesthetics. On the contrary they are completely different; aesthetics is when your outer appearance is what makes you attractive the body, cloths, hair, nails and face. When the material world consumes a person’s outer appearance, buying their looks and morphing into something they’re not. Beauty on the other hand is your personality shining through which makes you authentic, not a commodity. Anyone can put on makeup, wear nice cloths, and spend all the money in the world to look nice. You can cover up your flaws but you can’t buy a personality, but in the end looks fade with age. For example schools that require uniforms replace your usual attire with khakis, and a blouse to spread equality. In this situation aesthetics don’t matter, there is no use of attracting others with your looks. Until, the individual’s unique charisma and elegance, attracts the eye of another. The outer appearance is ignored and the inside is looked at. As you can see aesthetics is a phony image, while beauty is true reflection of what you are.

How is beauty looked upon in the world? Beauty is a person’s authentic personality, what is inside. No two people have the same ideas, values and spirit. If the world didn’t have beauty would we just look at a person’s outer appearance, and become a materialistic society. With no dynamic and personality, would we just be in a static society?

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