You're not the judge

March 24, 2011
By Anonymous

Why do humans have a habit of judging everyone and everything around them? I understand why people judge because I have done it myself but to act upon a judgment just plain ridiculous. You have no idea what events are going on in other people’s lives so you can’t be the judge of a person’s actions.
Everyone knows a person that is a very angry driver. Usually they are getting angry at other peoples driving skills when that should be focusing on their own. When I first got my driving permit, like everyone else, I was a little nervous driving. One day I was driving a stick-shift and I didn’t feel comfortable turning right on a red light, so I just waited. A car pulled up behind me and laid on his horn. He probably didn’t know that was just learning to drive so he shouldn’t have gotten so intense so quickly. However, I am writing about not being judgmental so I can’t judge either. I have no way of knowing whether or not he knew I was learning or if he didn’t know. Perhaps he had a medical emergency or a meeting he needed to get too and he was just having a very stressful day. I can never know his circumstances so I cannot assume he is an angry driver.
Driving is not the only analogy of judging others. We high school students judge others every single day. We do it by classifying people. Putting people into the nerd, jock, dumb-blonde, groups when you don’t even know the person. If you want to classify them get to know them first. I had a friend last year tell me that the first time he saw me he thought I was a complete nerd. I did not talk to anyone and I had straight A’s, but as we got to know each other he said that I wasn’t a nerd at all. He just said I was really smart and left it at that. Shouldn’t we say that for everyone? Instead of grouping people give them a compliment. Instead of saying, “you are a nerd”, all you need to say is, “you are really smart.”
I guess the point of all this is, no body that lives on this planet has a right to judge anyone else. You have no idea what that person has gone through or what they are going through. If you have a hard time not judging others just think of something that would cause you to behave the way they did and give them that excuse. Take the “angry” car driver. If I was in a major hurry to get to work or school I would have done the same thing he did so I just tell myself he was in a big hurry to get to work. Judging others helps no one. Why would anyone do anything that benefits no one?

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