Flowers Are For Losers

March 24, 2011
I strongly dislike flowers. They are not really that stunning, and they don’t smell all that marvelous. I like the smell of fruit, and flowers just don’t smell like fruit. I mean if they had a fruity scent, then I would like them a lot more. That is never going to happen. I also really don’t care for flowers because of how they are portrayed. People use flowers for holidays or anniversaries. Other than that they are not commonly used. People only use them on holidays or anniversaries to show their loved one how much they care about them. I think that is god awful. I don’t see what the point is in giving someone flowers on a certain day to show them that you care for them when you truly should be giving them flowers every day, not just a single day. If you truly love someone, why would you want to express to them that you care about them on a certain day? When you should be showing them how much they mean to you everyday. I think the main reason that I dislike flowers is because of the fact that they parish. Why would you want to give someone a gift that is going to dry up and die? To me it doesn’t seem as though you are trying to wish someone well by giving them flowers that are going to die on them. It seems like you are wishing death upon them and that’s not right. Technically flowers are dead as soon as you cut their stems. So essentially you are giving a person dead flowers. I don’t think that is very polite. I think that it is awfully rude and quite ignorant. I also think that it is a cheap way of showing that you love someone. I mean if you really love them then you would have the decency to make them a heartfelt gift instead of buying them worthless things. Home made things come from the heart and flowers, well… they just come from a store or a garden. When you make homemade gifts, you put your own time and effort into them, which to me really expresses that you care.

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