The Dark Side of Love

March 23, 2011
By paige7 BRONZE, Saint Joseph, Michigan
paige7 BRONZE, Saint Joseph, Michigan
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Yes, love can be great. It can be empowering, uplifting, and make you feel like you have a place in this world. It can be everything you want it to be, and possibly more. But love has a dark side, too. It can be heart-wrenching, manipulative, and just plain cruel. It can bring you up and completely tear you down within a matter of seconds. It can have you do things that you know are stupid, but you do them anyway. Looking back, those things you did almost embarrass you. Almost, because you still try and tell yourself that love was worth it. The joke is on you, though, because when you really think about it (I mean really think), you regret it.
Love can make you feel like the most important person in the world, and then make you feel like you’re just one of the billions of people aimlessly wasting away their lives. It can make you feel trapped, like a mouse that can’t quite get away from that nasty cat. Many people spend all of their lives waiting for this “love”, while others seemed to be pushed into a corner by it. While you’re hovering in that corner, you don’t really know whether or not you should just give in, because that’s what you’re supposed to do. That’s what all of the movies tell you to do, and all of the books. It can break you down until you don’t feel like you can function, but you still can. You just haven’t quite figured out how to yet. Eventually, every case of love will end in heartache. Every single one. Is it worth it knowing that in the end, you’ll be hurt? Not just in the end either, but in the middle and beginning, too. It’s a road paved with pain. Everyone is aware of this, yet why do they still choose to fall for this one word that is given so much power? I don’t know. Love isn’t as great as people think it is, and I doubt half of the people in the world even know what it really is. It’s not making out in the hallway when the teachers aren’t looking, or following your “sweetheart” around like a puppy dog. It’s not facebook albums dedicated to each other, or sloppily hooking up in the back of someone’s old car. It’s not making your boyfriend a sandwich or waiting on your girlfriend hand and foot. You’re twelve; don’t expect to stay with the same person for forever. You say that you will, but you won’t, I promise.
Society is run by love, which is a word that no one completely understands. They’re just modeling what they see, and those people are modeling their relationship off of what they see. It’s a never-ending cycle, and none of it is truly honest. Little girls are modeling love after fairytales, those people that write fairytales base it on other books, those authors base it on their neighbors, who base it off of the cast of Friends. When you realize that you’re not Rachel and your boyfriend isn’t Chandler (or whatever that guy’s name is) and he’s not going to act like Chandler either, it’s a huge wake-up call. Love is created by card companies to get you to pay ridiculous amounts for stupid cards. Love absolutely sucks because it’s an immense amount of pressure to make everything perfect. It’s just another way for us to have our high hopes crushed by reality.

The author's comments:
We had to write a sonnet about love for my English class. Most of them compared loved ones to waves or the ocean, but I decided that it wasn't my thing. I sat down and started typing, getting angrier and angrier as the words were shown on the screen. Before I knew it, I had this.

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