Owning It, Naturally

March 23, 2011
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Living in 2011, social networking is a must in teenage life. Being a typical 15 year old, I know that the pressure is on to fit in with the pop culture of the media. Every time I go on Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr, I am constantly reminded of the faces of the celebrities that are supposed to be positive influences on girls like me, yet I feel that alot of the time, they do the exact opposite.

Teenage years are always the time in everyones lives that is different for everyone. Most feel that they are the best, because of the freedom and ease of a lifestyle that no longer exists in their world. But, many do not realize that in 2011, high school is not just fun and games anymore. With colleges getting more exclusive, and media images getting more glamorous by the month, these years are no longer easy going.

I know the feeling of not fitting in. I was never a part of the "popular" croud growing up, yet I never seemed to notice the difference between the two groups. In high school, my perspective changed drastically after one look at the juniors and seniors that always look pulled together, and had athletic boyfriends on their arms. It was a wake up call to me that the years of not caring were over, and self image was the key to fitting into a High School setting.

Television is a common topic that most people share. A large population of the people I talk to glance at Snooki and Miley Cyrus, and look past their bad reputations to obtain the "look" that they both embody. Both actresses weigh under 120 lbs, and neither do anything to endorce healthy lifestyles. I have seen the way girls treat their bodies. They starve themselves to achieve an unhealthy weight, and throw themselves at guys to get a better reputation. They do not know that the media is influencing them to act and dress the way they do, yet it is apparent in their everyday lives.

The media puts unnecessary pressure on both girls and boys to fit in with the image that is created in Hollywood. It has altered the picture of a healthy person completley, and causes people to strive to achieve the negative image. Being healthy has never been unattractive until recently, and the media is the only source to blame. I believe that teenagers today need to take a stand on negative media influences, have their natural image, and own it...

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