Love War

March 18, 2011
People have tried for centuries to show that love is not needed. To show the hopeless romantics that one does not need a romantic company in order to be appy. Ironically, those people search their whole time on earth for a loveless life that in the end they become depressed. They use examples, and criticism to show other people that one can be happy just by them. The thing is, when said person gains their self respect, they go out looking for someone to share that respect with them. True, their expectations are a lot higher, but they still want that affection. Deep down, every girl wants to be a Juliet, and every guy a Romeo. The stubborn are not the people in love, it is the ones in denial. The people that make it their mission to search for happiness in being alone. A person should not spend their life searching for love or misery, but rather on what to do with what they have. The fight has been between choosing sides of alone and love, when the real issues have been overlooked. To not spend one’s life searching for what should be or what should not, but more on what is. If you are alone, search inside to understand that you are not lonely. And if you are in love, remember that no one defines who you are. Love should not be fought, and aloneness should not be sought out. There is belief that every person has another person made with them, but every person was made to live with themselves.

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