March 16, 2011
By , Livermore, CA
You see that one girl/boy. You've heard the rumors of what is going to happen to her/him after fourth period. So why do you just look at her/him and say, "Why isn't someone doing something?" Your somebody, and so is she/he. Someone with feelings, friends and a family just like you. It's not fair that they have to cringe every time they hear a locker slam shut. They have to run to their next classroom cause they know that one person is looking for them. Bulling is a real crisis, and no one seems to be helping. My friend was bullied very much in her first year of high school. The only solution she found is to take her own life to escape the harassment. I feel responsible that I didn't know that she was in trouble. Now I walk the halls helping the ones who don't have a voice. I'm being the hero, I'm being the super man that people need. I'm trying to change my school and eventually I would like to succeed on changing the world.

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