Can a Dog Make a Woman Pregnant?

March 16, 2011
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Does Mountain Dew lower sperm count? Can I catch herpes from my cat, or how do I get pregnant? These are just a few ludicrous questions found in the Google search engine. As I was recently reading a book named Whoogles, a comedic piece that brings forth some of the most bizarre questions people have searched on Google, I wondered why in the world would someone search these questions, or better yet, why would someone need to ask questions like these? It really makes one worry how someone capable of typing these questions does not know how someone gets pregnant or if their cat can give them herpes. Sure, they got their grammar right, but these questions are downright asinine. Perhaps, one reason for these questions is a result of the lack of sex education and communication.

Research has found sex education to be extremely effective in decreasing the number of teen pregnancies and teen sexual activity. A study found in Advocated for Youth estimates that, “teens experience as many as 850,000 pregnancies, and youth under age 25 experience about 9.1 million sexually transmitted infections.” Research shows that teen sexual activity is greatly reduced when teens are able to communicate with an adult about sex related topics. Furthermore, when teens participate in sex education classes and discussions, they are more likely to abstain from sex and reduce risk of STDs.

Studies show that sexual education is undoubtedly associated with deferred sexual relations, yet people are still ignorant about sex. Questions, like those searched in Google search engines are asked by uninformed and uneducated people. These questions make one wonder why people are relying on a search engine to answer questions regarding sex. People are obviously ill-informed about topics relating to sex and their bodies.

If people are turning to the internet to google questions like these regarding sex, they must be confused and embarrassed to ask these questions in the classroom. Outside of the classroom, however, teenagers should be given the resources to ask a reliable adult. Hopefully, one’s parents are more than willing to participate in their teens quest for answers about sex. After all, the answers off of Google could be just as foolish as the questions being asked.

It is disappointing that people’s lack of communication has forced people to rely on artificial intelligence.

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