What Will It Be?

March 5, 2011
To be great is to be independent. One is often faced with a choice, and the question is always posed: should one break free from the bonds of conformity, or remain in the safety it provides? There is no safety in conformity, for one endangers the sanctity of one’s independence. Can one truly be independent from others when individuality is sacrificed, as one camouflages himself as a part of those around him? Conformity cannot keep one safe, for it punishes one harshly for any sliver of difference.
Independence liberates you from making decisions based upon the forces weighing against you. It is far, far better to achieve what your heart yearns for rather than to appease those who compel you to do otherwise. Why squander life away to another, who prevents you from choosing your happiness? You are your sage, for only you have the knowledge to lead you towards bliss; the opinion of others have little substance in what you decide your purpose should be.
The world cannot possibly move forward with the same consistent wave of orthodoxy, yet society contains the potential of its people. Greatness can be easily attained by being independent from the influence of others. There is no possibility for the one who remains in the shadow of conformity to be recognized as great; he remains invisible, in the background. The one who has the courage to give the picture its color is always noticed; he contrasts sharply from those around him, challenging the uniformity of the rest. What will it be? Will you remain safe as others dominate your fate, or will you steer your destiny towards greatness?

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