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February 4, 2011
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Imagine doing nothing but watching television nonstop for nine continuous years. If a person watches TV for a minimum of four hours a day, by the time they are 65 he or she would have wasted nine years of their lives slouching in front of the television. Can you imagine the butt-cramps you would get after that? Now imagine gaining the knowledge of an entire class just by sitting and watching an entertaining TV show. Instead of creating addicting dramas we all fall captive to,script writers should combine their hypnotizing assets along with brain stimulating ideas and wit.

Ever sat in front of the TV and forgotten what show was on? This is due to the fact that the previously enthralling program failed to provide any brain stimulation. If all shows could be intellectual while still in the comfort of a warm, cozy house, teenagers around the world would actually enjoy learning. For example, instead of being excited about the hit television show Jersey Shore students would look forward to watching a witty, educational program. Sounds completely ridiculous right? But if the show incorporated amusing ideas, it would not sound so far-fetched. Overall, we could gain knowledge easily and quickly by only making this one improvement.

In addition, script writers should add wit into their shows and incorporate more thought provoking ideas. This would enhance the quality of their program. Therefore, instead of drooling at “The Situation’s” six pack every Thursday, many will get a lesson without ever knowing it. That sounds like a dream come true doesn’t it? Everyone enjoys laughing and has a favorite comedy they love to watch. Imagine that that show was the one that taught everything there is to know about wild life or surviving in the wilderness. All in all, incorporating some cleverness into a television show would ease the feeling of constantly having knowledge shoved down our throats.

America’s test scores are quite embarrassing. I would rather not be included in the group of 12th graders who score “near dead last” out of the countries tested. Especially when I know that the top competitor, Asia, is not even included in the results due to the fact that they do not need a 12th grade. Adding wit and brilliance anywhere we can in America will at least prevent us from staying in last place. With as many people that we have who make watching TV a daily routine, our test scores are bound to improve.

In conclusion, to prevent future butt cramps and finishing dead last in the race of intelligence, changing television is the first step. Shows today are failing to provide any benefits to its viewers. Adding wit and including ideas that are appealing to the audiences will aid in this problem. Also, everyone has a favorite drama but they seem to be filled with ludicrous schemes. I feel that by taking these out, shows would become even more relatable. Change needs to occur and today’s shows should be the first to undergo them.

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