How Far Is Too Far?

February 4, 2011
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Imagine being the new kid in school. Is dressing to impress the only thing on the new kids mind? For many teens, the obsession with popularity is driving them to do extreme things. Being a teen in high school is already troublesome with the weight of badly wanting to fit in. The need for approval in some of today’s high school teens is very important and they will do anything to be popular.

When first walking onto the immense high school campus, it can be a little intimidating. High school is a place for teens to show who they truly are. In the movie “Easy A”, Olive Penderghast does this differently. She pretends to be a harlot and the word gets around rapidly. All of this fake popularity finally breaks her and she tells her story to everyone. Some teens will not go as far as pretending to be a harlot but some will dress like one or do drugs to fit in.

The teens in today’s society are more concerned about social atmosphere than academics. If the choice was between doing drugs to be cool or getting picked on for grades the choice is unanimous. The problem with teens doing drugs was getting bad in the public eye. The commercials for “Above the Influence” have become a big deal for teens finding their way through high school. Because the stress for popularity has become a priority for teens today, someone needs to help them find their way.

The approval of teenager’s peers is obviously the number one thought on teen’s minds. Teens should remember high school doesn’t last forever and when it ends, popularity means nothing.

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