Why should people be able to learn continously as generations progress

February 3, 2011
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This could be one of the most critical Habit of a systems Thinker For a person with power, to make changes in air pollution to learn, reason for this being is that, if people today were never able to harness this H.T.S. we would most likely not be able to accept the new generation’s technology. In addition, using it in ways that we do so all around the world, because now instead of being in the age where a literally we had a fire because a selfish rubber factory was not able to think about future long term consequences. Such as the fact that they had polluted the Cuyahoga River so much in fact that the river became deprived of its fish, so the Cleveland and Akron both crashed do to the lack to come up with the right amount of fish.
Not only that but the corporation had no thoughts of the fact that the river with oil and gas could ever catch on fire hmmm well it eventually did catch fire, later on the factory was shut down and because of the 1969 fire other corp. Had to think of a way to get rid of their waste so what did they do they took to the skies, which is the reason why today we have a heavier amount of air pollution. But if people are indeed able grab a hold of this H.S.T. then we will do better in introducing and funding Hydro- Electricity, Wind and Solar energy. We are already taking the right steps by moving forward and advertising new inventive Hybrid and electric power cars. So in this way we are indeed needing this H.S.T.

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