Identity Crisis

February 2, 2011
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She slowly embraced the hard metal faucet as she slowly ran her hand under the water. “Cold,” she murmurs yet completely detached from all indication of reality. Her eyes finally meet her reflection, completely blank she stares into the abyss of her soul. Her makeup has run down her cheeks, her fingertips have grown numb and her hair is now a mess. Her entire memory of the nights and months preceding this moment are completely blank. "Hi, my name is ..." she stops, pauses as if shocked by the motion of her lips. Her mind races and paces; dashes for a sense of concreteness, she finally faints. A tide of emotion floods her subconscious and invades her peace. Her weakened will begins to process her heart's contents and without hope for digestion forces her to vomit. She awakes to find she is wallowing in a pool of mucus and slime. Years of false representations of beauty and dead end streets to prosperity, have succeeded in capturing another soul. Will she ever get up? Or will she submit to the pressures surrounding her innocence and vitals and opt to take her life. She summons all her strength and silently whispers, "hi my name she slits her wrist." Identity crisis is the result of a perpetrating lie that seems to embody the facade that it is the truth. Culture, media, institutions force us to submit to their image...and achieve their standards (a pile of blood and a dull pulse). I will not let this happen to my friends. Not physically or spiritually. I see the decay of a society slitting their spiritual wrists; to die to a God they have never known. I will not sit back and watch the people I care about sever the only cord sustaining their existence. The true reality is that we are all made in God’s image. We were created for a purpose, we have authority, we are strong, we have the mind of Christ, we are chosen to do a great thing. We are in this world, not of it. We are set a part for a particular purpose. We are loved, we are beautiful, we are smart, and creative. We can do all things through Christ. We have been born again. Satan Has NO Rights To Our Souls Or Authority Over Our Lives.


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