Love is...

February 26, 2011
I can’t tell you how it feels. Maybe it’s just a lack of words, or maybe it’s just something that words can’t even begin to describe. You could search the whole world, or ask every passerby on the street of New York City, and all they would give you is more words; Useless, meaningless, words. How can there be no words out of all 479,623 words in the English dictionary? Words, words, words. They all sound like gibberish if you say them enough. So why do we base our whole lives around one word? Psychologists can tell you the heart of it, but maybe it’s not just something you can take from text. láska, kærlighed, liefde, armastus, rakkaus, amour, die Liebe, szeretet, amore, m?lest?ba, meil, kjærlighet, zami?owanie, dragoste, láska, ljubezen, amor, kärlek. All different languages have names for it, but us Americans know it as one thing. And that thing, is love.

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