Where do our Values Lie?

February 24, 2011

Isn’t it funny how our world works? In America, we have children dropping out of school to get involved in drugs and crime. In Africa, a young boy doesn’t attend school so he can care for his three year old sisters because their parents were killed. In Asia, children don’t attend school so they can work for pennies a day to pay for food and clean water. America claims to be the best place nation in the world, but when it comes to individual morals, America continues to be the most superficial, immoral country on the planet.

Americans are driven by materials and not values. Family values now exist behind a thick wall of materialism and consumerism. Americans are the most hedonistic people on the planet but the pursuit of happiness directly corresponds to the amount of money made and spent. If only the vast resources placed before us were used for the greater good and the benefit of humanity rather than the most recent two hundred dollar boots. Looking into a typical American high school can display where the true values of America’s future lie. Simply looking at the sheer caliber of the Super Bowl, where more money is spent on a thirty second commercial than some nations spend on education over the course of a decade, demonstrates that the values of Americans lie in their wallets rather than their hearts.

It seems as though the altruistic values of the world stop at the borders of the United States and are nonexistent between the Golden Gate Bridge and the Statue of Liberty.

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