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March 3, 2011
By , Midway, UT
Ball hogs! Who really likes them? One of the biggest things that bug me, and many other people that play team sports are that ball hogs think that everything is all about them. They think that they are so much better than everyone else around us. We cannot think that everything is about us and ignore the other people playing with them. An example of this is when I was playing basketball as a little kid, there was always that one person who was always saying “give me the ball” or they just would not pass the ball, and it was just to prove to their parents that they had talent. These kinds of people made me want to push them into a wall or hurt them (although I never did). I think that if people are playing like that they do not have any real talent, because when we are playing team sports we have to work as a team.
In my opinion ball hogs want to be the ones in control and have the crowd recognize them, and them alone as the best. I think this is selfish because people cannot play the game alone; that’s why they are called team sports. People like that should play solo sports such as skiing or swimming, which still have teams but they can participate in just the individual events so that they do not bring other people down that are relying on them to work with the rest of the team to win. People in sports, and in life really, need to take the initiative to work together and if we can all do that we will get along a lot better with other people.

I believe that sports with teams need players that are willing to play like a team and participate in the game for the gain of the whole team in mind. Ball hogs tend to overlook things, such as how their actions and emotions will affect other people. Our actions and emotions can determine how other people act around us and it can affect our attitude. I think that it is crucial for people to act appropriately around others and to change our actions and emotions so that we will affect other peoples in a positive way instead of a negative way. This can ultimately turn everyone’s attitudes around for the best because I believe that emotions spread, for the good or for the bad, it just depends on how we act. If we act positively, then other people will act positively; if we act negatively others will act negatively as well.

So in conclusion, ball hogs give off negative emotions and ultimately make us frustrated. So if we act positively, and try to share the fame, then everyone will get along and have a positive attitude.

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