February 15, 2011
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What is beauty?

~ The color black is beautiful. You can never manipulate black into light or dark, it is simply itself. Black is everywhere. It’s the color of night, the color you see when you sleep, the color space, the color of a happy puppy’s eye, the color of the coal in a locomotive, the color of type in a printing press, and all those things are beautiful to me.

~ Snow is beautiful. When it falls, it can do so many things. It can melt on contact with the ground in snows incessant way of life. It can be light and fluffy, and move at the touch of your boot as if you were walking through more air. Snow can be thick and heavy, and kill trees and hurt nature. Snow can be icy and clog roads. Yet snow gives the winter its life. Snow is beautiful to me.

~Apples are beautiful to me. Whenever I look at an apple no matter what sort, it brings back the smells of cinnamon and campfires, the tastes of pie and cider, and the colors of the leaves and dying grass. An apple can be green, simple, red, fiery, yellow, warm, or purple, daring. An apple could be a pie, cider, a decoration, a tart, a snack, or a reminder that what nature gives us is beautiful. Apples are beautiful.

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