Family or Familia

February 14, 2011
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How ever you say it most people have many different definitions or thoughts about that one word.  Annoying, funny, lame, cool, etc.  Family is either something you cherish or envy others for having.  We really don't understand how lucky we are to have families.  Others have lost loved ones or are going through one of the toughest things ever..devortion.  The next time you wish your family was gone forever, you might just want to reconsider that thought.  Because sometimes it may not seem like it but your family wants only the best for you.  They want you to succeed in life and pick up the main points in life so that you can pass them onto your children.  We take things for granted.  And truthfully speaking.. if it wasn't for family we would probably be lost.  We wouldn't know what to do because our parents weren't there to take your hand and guide you through life.  To tell you the rights and the wrongs.  Yes, I'll admit my family does get a little embarrassing at times.  But that's what there for!  To put a little excitement in your life.  To keep you on your toes and always guessing.  They love you with all their heart.  And for you to show them that you care and appreciate what they do for you means the world to them.  Trust me.  I personally love my family. They are always there for me no matter what the circumstance.  So the next time they do something nice for you say those magic words parents would die to hear from their kids on a daily basis.  THANK YOU and I LOVE YOU.  I promise you it will strengthen your relationship with your family.

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