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What American Rights?

February 14, 2011
By nataliech SILVER, Bedford, New York
nataliech SILVER, Bedford, New York
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There is a difference when it comes to keeping the people safe, and recognizing our rights as American citizens. After the 9/11 terrorist attack the American government and other people in charge have been making new ways to keep people safe and make sure that the terrorists don’t attack, but have they gone too far?

Something that a lot of American citizens are not pleased about is the new security in airports. As it says in the article, 400 full body scanners are in over 70 United States airports. People are made to walk through these scanners, which take full body images, naked, and send it to a computer in which they store it. This is a total violation of privacy. Also, full body pat-downs are now coming to action, which is a real violation of privacy. I think that these to procedures should only be done if the person is a true suspect of being armed. Imagine being a regular, everyday citizen, and being “poked and prodded” like you were a terrorist. It’s invasive, annoying, and just against the laws of nature.

Another thing that I think is the worst is wiretapping. I can’t even imagine having a conversation with my mom, or something, and not even knowing that people are listening in on everything I say! This is like the Writs of Assistance. People would question random citizen’s liberty and go into their houses and just snoop whenever they wanted. I think that both of these things became unjust, and wiretapping is now unconstitutional. Again, I think that these two things should only take place if the person is a real suspect, and not just an “everyday” citizen. All of these things are very unconstitutional and unreasonable in my mind.

If we are American Citizens, shouldn’t we get the rights that we deserve? Shouldn’t the government, and everyone at that, follow the fourth and fifth amendments? The things that the government is doing these days and what was happening in the American colonies in the late 1700’s surely didn’t/don’t follow these amendments. It’s also like the situation with Rosa Parks. Even though she was black, she was a human being, and not to mention an American Citizen. She didn’t get the rights that she deserved, and the day that she finally took a stand, changed the future for African Americans.

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I got my facts from up front magazine.

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