Wide Aperture

February 7, 2011
I believe that everyone needs to be viewed through a wide aperture.
Aperture? It is the opening that the light goes through to exposure the picture. It is vital for the world of pictures, but also for our perception of each other. Do we not choose how we see others? Can we decide to see more or less of another person? A narrow aperture is the key to focus. You see an Adams print, and you know that the quality comes from a narrow opening. But, can one always to critically and precisely see another? Or, should one be more cautionary? A wide aperture is the opening where little is in focus. It is the eye, hand, foot, smile, flower standing alone against a sea of blur. Do we realize that this is the entire picture?

I lived in a plastic and aluminum box for 2 years, with less space per person than a prisoner. It was an RV, the life of a modern day gypsy. Yet, what do you think when you hear RV? I heard and held as truth the stereotypes of trailer trash. This life had been given to me crystal clear and was in fact a narrow view. Yet, as I emerged in a new life, I saw and continue to realize that what you see is but a small fraction of reality. There is a deeper side of life and friends and relationships than you can see or ever realize. While you may only see a hand in focus in a picture, you must realize that there is a background you do not see clearly.
I try to accept this. I must accept that fact that all you see is but a small fraction of the picture. The true story of reality is a blur, only known to those who experience it. I believe that this acknowledgment and perception is vital to understanding and respecting others. I try to understand that I do not see the entire picture in focus, and thus cannot judge on the information I do not know.
This is not easy. As humans, we believe in ourselves as the great determiners, as the powerful overseer, posed with eh knowledge of life and of judgment. I believe that one needs to accept that fact that we see only the small fringes of reality, that through our wide aperture outlook on life, we can accept, and not make rash decisions of the blur of our daily lives.

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