Don't lose hope children

January 31, 2011
By , DesMoines, IA
To all whom it may concern,

Children and yes I mean children in Pakistan, Iran, Iraq, Egypt, Tunisia, and the Caucasus. It’s me again. The diplomat. What you see around you every day is violence, or the threat of violence, or even hateful things said about your country.
What is my message? Don’t lose hope. Do not lose faith in your ideals and principles. Do not let your morals be established by terrorists and evil things. You are the best and greatest hope of these nations. You will be the next scientists, doctors, social workers, and mathematicians of this earth. You are the last defense against terrorism, injustice, and corruption
And for all those words of politicians and people that tell you that you are nothing, that your country is worthless, that your dreams don’t matter! Lies and half truths! All dreams matter, and all spirits are equal. You think the words of President Obama will matter to people living in Pakistan? Their lives will not be affected by his words alone.
Your words on the other hand, have the power to stop Al Qaeda. They have the power to topple governments and set spirits free.

So never stop fighting

Always yours,
The Diplomat

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