Hope!! :)

January 31, 2011
By , Plymouth, MA
I look up and down my street from my bedroom window.
It seems so quiet, so peaceful.
But I know that beyond this suburban bliss, with its sparkling snow and barking dogs, there is war. There is chaos. There is murder and death. Sadness and sickness. There is debt and anger. It's painful to think about.

But there are others out there like me. That realize the immense pain of Earth. They know about the gangs, conspiracies, tragedies, and long for a way to help. Our brain is the key.

Visualize people working together, reaching out, and accepting. Despite our differences, we can work together. The Natives and the Pilgrims knew nothing about each other, yet they learned to adapt to each other, and even helped each other.

So what I'm trying to say is that these screwed up countries can work together, since our problems give us something in common. 5 stars for hope! :)

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