One Less Homeless Person

January 27, 2011
By Anonymous

A person sitting on the side of the road with tattered clothing and a sign reading something around the words of “I need help” strikes your brain of the impression of a homeless person. Every busy road you pass by or drive on consists of multiple homeless people pacing up and back those streets for hours hoping they will see a hand out the window waving a dollar. Their biggest dream is to have a roof over their head at night or a job even at a fast food restaurant. To us, those dreams seem like a failure at life. In my eyes, they are like little kids who need help grabbing something. Would you help that little kid? Would you help a homeless person? Both are struggling, waiting for help. Their sparkling eyes filled with ideas that haven’t been heard inspire me to reach out the window and put two dollars or even a piece of fruit in their hand.

In this crazy, messed up world, we have so many people that are selfish and keep those million dollars to spend on things that excite them but not help what is wrong with the world. Then we have the other people who spend their money and time on people and families that really need it. Every single day families loose, their house, along with food and money. Sleepless and starving, they go without anything for days. Imagine if everyone gave five dollars to a homeless shelter and how much that would help people in need when it all added up. Homeless people, struggling and asking for help, concern about things that we take for granted. As middle class people, we see them as druggies and alcoholics. Stereotyping hurts people even when it is not just a small school problem but a worldwide issue. They are inspirations to not take what I have for granted and to look inside of people who need help. Take a step out of the perfect world and look around at what other people’s lives are like. Homeless people are in need and we are the ones who can stick our heads out and jump to it.

Numerous things cause chaos in this world but homeless families and people are a massive component to these issues. With all the money some people consist of, lives can be depending on it and stepping up to lend a hand could help in the long run to fix this problem. Their eyes light up when a tiny amount of money is set into their hand when they realize they will be able to feed their family tonight. Jump forward and pull them with you in a step to save a family and shaping the world into a better place to live.

The author's comments:
Homeless people inspired me to write this. :)

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